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As a worldwide leader in industrial yarns, Nexis Fibers develops, manufactures & distributes polyamide industrial yarns to producers of raschel & knotted nets, industrial ropes & specialty ropes. We offer a wide range of high-tenacity polyamide 6 industrial yarns to the Ropes & Nets market. Our polyamide 6 yarns are light-protected, intermingled and easy to dye. We also offer best-in-class heat-resistant yarns and a large range of spun-dyed industrial yarns. Our yarns are available in counts ranging from 940 to 2100.

Providing added value

With one of the largest production capacities worldwide and longstanding experience in the Ropes & Nets market, Nexis Fibers provides sustainable and reliable products and services. Nexis Fibers’ leadership position in Europe and in the Americas is based on:

  • a dedicated state-of-the art production facility based in Latvia, providing global coverage to its customers to supply reliable products and commercial services;
  • a wide range of products meeting customers’ key technical expectations and the capacity to customize products and services to optimize customer satisfaction;
  • constant research for innovation through partnerships with key customers to understand their needs better, to identify key market functionalities and to prepare solutions for the future together.

For net manufacturers
Nexis Fibers offers bright white, UV-protected and intermingled polyamide 6 industrial yarns to net manufacturers. These yarns are available in a wide range of counts, adapted to each net design and are perfectly balanced for outstanding processing capabilities for the manufacture of raschel and knotted nets.

For rope manufacturers
Nexis Fibers offers a wide range of polyamide 6 industrial yarns enabling all kind of combinations between tenacity and elongation, allowing manufacturers to meet the highest safety standards in the rope market. Nexis Fibers offers high-tenacity and heat-resistant yarns for high duty industrial end-uses, as well as spun-dyed and easy-to-dye yarns.

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